How to grow your business with Armada

Read about the Armada perspective on growing your D2C brand

By Andreas Hufnagl | November 8, 2021

At the core of each partnership between Entrepreneur and Armada is the ambition to grow the business substantially.

Our approach to accomplishing significant growth of multiplying sales by 10x and more, builds on four blocks essentially:

1) Infuse growth capital

We make available sizeable amounts of growth capital, to finance every growth measure, from purchasing more inventory to spending more on advertising.

2) Ensure setup is scalable

We make sure the business can take much higher order volumes, from the order of more stock to the fulfillment of each order. We streamline processes so we can handle peak periods smoothly.

3) Define ops plan

We make a plan that defines “who does what”, where typically the entrepreneur focuses on branding, marketing, and product development while Armada focuses on procurement, store ops, fulfillment, customer service, and more; however, every entrepreneur is different, and we can customize to the specific needs and wishes of the individual entrepreneur.

4) Define growth strategy

We make a plan that defines “how we grow”, where we detail the specific initiatives to get additional sales.

The growth strategy is essentially a business plan. First, we explore the full scope of potential levers for growth. Then, we focus on those that have the most potential and commit ourselves to implementing those first.

Of course, every brand is unique and requires different measures for growth. However, we would usually explore the following levers in our quest for scaling the business.

Enrich offering: add new products, add features, improve packaging, etc.

Add channels: open accounts on additional marketplaces and channels, open social commerce shops, run livestreams, form partnerships, etc.

Expand to new markets: start selling in new countries

Optimize marketplaces: optimize shop and product listings, etc.

Increase engagement on social media: produce new content, run ads, hire

influencers, youtubers, vloggers and content creators, etc.

Invest in digital marketing: run new campaigns, increase performance marketing, SEO, SEA, email marketing, retargeting, referral offers, etc.

Grow customer base: address new customer segments, enter new communities, offer loyalty programs, improve refund policy, offer warranties, etc.

This is our perspective on how to make growth happen. However, we strongly believe that the key to making the growth strategy work is to make a plan together with the Entrepreneur. What ever our plan will be, it will have to be agreed upon by the Entrepreneur and Armada alike.

The key message

We have plenty of ideas to make your business grow. But the specific plan for your D2C brand will be tailormade uniquely with and for you.

If you have ideas on how to grow D2C brands, or if you would like to discuss a growth strategy for your brand, do not hesitate to reach out to us at

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best,